Monday, January 2, 2012

Internet Implemented - Christmas Card Display

So, my poor blog is dusty again. It's been that kind of year :P I have barely done anything scrappy in months- just my Christmas cards and 2 mini-books I made for my nieces that I didn't even photograph before the gifting occurred plus the 1 LO posted below. Oh well. New Year, new scrapping commitment I hope :) I am scheduled to go to Archiver's on Friday so that will hopefully help.  But, I did want to post this slightly crafty project because it was a super-easy to make card Christmas card display that cost maybe $5 (if that) I had the ribbon and the angel ornament as well as a glue gun in my stash. I bought decorative ornament hooks on clearance last year at Target (but the hooks like those of the Clip-it-up would work) and the dowel was a buck or 2 at home depot and cut by my husband for just "thank yous"

Anyway, I just had him cut the dowels in incrementally smaller lengths (6,8, 10, 12 and 14") and hot glued them between a folded up length of ribbon. Added the angel and a hanger to the top and I was done. The one I saw on the internet last year (wish I could remember where so I could give credit) did a better job of arranging the cards to look more tree like but I still like how mine looked and I really enjoyed having all the cards visible instead of lumped in a basket together.

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