Wednesday, March 7, 2012


 I've seen a lot of posts for the "What's on your workspace Wednesday" I have no idea who started these but thought it would be fun to participate once. So, this is the hot mess that is my desk. It is actually pretty organized but I have a lot of stuff crowded on my desk in an effort to have a lot of stuff close to hand- both for ease and to help me remember to use it :P

My MM carousel has lots of pens, scissors, adhesives, and corner chompers. My MM desk thingy holds lots of labels and smaller alpha stickers and the wine crate has separators and holds a ton of journaling  books/blocks. There are some bozes of embellies in the hutch as well as photos and some miscellaneous tools. That pile in front of the wine crate is actually a binder ring of all my page map sketch cards (in the hopes that I will use them once in a while)

The LO in this pic is now completed- will post it soon :)

Anyway, here is a pic of all the women who attended Teresa Collins' class on Saturday. I grabbed the pic off TC's blog since I didn't get one on my camera :)

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