Thursday, February 24, 2011

DIY Resin Embellishments - flowers, birds, stars oh my!

I happen to love all the resin roses and mums that have been appearing in several manufacturers' collections; but, I don't always like the available colors or the price tags.  So, I googled and found this video tutorial for making your own. Through the description, I found the link to Betsy Veldman's blog post about making these which led me to this etsy shop where I promptly ordered several molds. They arrived just a few days later and I finally made it to Michaels to buy Easy Cast clear casting resin. These are my initial sets.

They do take a long time to cure- probably 8-12 hours to be hard enough to pop out of the mold and up to 72 hours to reach "hard cure" status. I colored the first set (the hot pink mums and roses) with luminarte twinkling H2Os (had to add a little water first) but all others were colored with perfect pearls or perfect pearls and chalk mixes. They are so easy- and fun - to make. Not sure they are "frugal" given the initial investment but I like having more color/shape/size options and I already owned the items I am using to color the resin at least.


  1. i LOVE these!!!! if i didn't like you so much, i might snag one when you weren't looking. hee hee.

  2. silly girl. you can have as many as you want. or make your own batch with my molds :)